djay 2 for iPhone App Reviews

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New user

Just bought the app now I have to learn how to use it lol at least it works with my Spotify music unlike the other apps that only work without Spotify

Constant errors

Wont let me connect to Spotify even though I have premium. Found no help online or through the app.

Psycho Les

The best!??

Doesnt work on cellular data

Horrible app. I couldnt get it to work on cellular data. Not everywhere is going to have a wifi network. This needs to be fixed. I didnt pay 3 bucks for this app not to work.

A Work Of Art

Been using Djay since around day 1 of the first app, where I got her on sale. Then Djay 2 came out and perfected it. Never had any problems, I use it on my iPhone and more recently, on my Mac. Thanks Algoriddim.

Only the Spotify premium

Why we can have the music by spotify only for the premium ? I had test and i love but i cant do it because im not a premium user... ??


The app is good very good its just that they get on your nerves bugging you for reviews bugging you for sales right when Im playing for Guest jhfffggg

Need help

I can tell this is a very good app to use but I cannot access any songs. I have an IPhone 6s, I dont know if this is the right app for this device because I cannot add any songs from Apple Music because they are all copyrighted and cannot be used. For Spotify I havent used yet because you have to pay for premium which I wont do since its $12. Please help me find the solution for this problem or the right app to use for iPhone 6s

This app sucked!!

I know my review wont probably been seen and pushed to the bottom and the good reviews will stay on top, but I have to try and warn you people!! This app really does stink, I upgraded to premium expecting at least a little more for 1.99$... but nope, the only thing that changes is that you dont have that stupid app about premium on the top of your screen 24/7!! Then I thought" Its not so bad I can just still go on my business doing my dj thing. NOPE you cant do that either!! I upgraded to Apple Music and all the songs I bought I suddenly cant play anymore...( it gets worse)... then I say to myself" thats not to bad you have Apple Music you could just play the songs off of there or something". You know what happened next...?!?! NOPE didnt work I cant play any music on dj 2 now unless I get Spotify Premium.... Then I thought at least I had my songs that I had done before and made..... (yep you guessed it) NOPE!! Deleted all my songs for no reason!!! Needless to say this app sucked and hopefully I can save an innocent dj soul out there with this!!

Pitch control

Every time I play the next song, the pitch control resets, I hate that, it should give you an option in the settings to disable that.

Shockingly Great

Really fun to fool around with and is a great tool for doing real DJ work too.


Worthless if you dont have paid subscriptions to Apple music and spotify.

Doesnt work without wifi

Had the app for 2 days, first day I thought it was perfect, just what I had been looking for but now on the second day it doesnt load up my Spotify unless Im connected to wifi. I paid for this app so I ask you to please try and fix this.

Error Spotify

Unable to access to personal playlists with Spotify july 31st release.... Error report : unexpected response received from Spotify - try again


Works phenomenal. Absolute non stop at your own control


Totally in love with this app. Playing with the turntables has become a hobby and Im really enjoying it. Im considering downloading the pro version but I might just go for the gold skin for now since pro is just out of my league

Love it

I love this app but I give it 4 out of 5 stars because it freezes up a LOT.

Great app but

DJ 2 needs add Apple Music support because it was being protected.

Great app however...

This is a really fun app to use for parties. My only issue is the app does not work unless the device is connected to wi-fi, which was previously not the case. Can this be adjusted to use when not connected to wifi-fi?

Best IOS Dj Software around

Whether professional or a hobbyist, this software has everything you need for a great night of entertain and fun. Worth way more than the price.

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